FIT Makes a Another Memory

23 Jul

On June 1, my nine-year old daughter, Keala, won her school fundraiser at Lakewood Elementary School in Sunnyvale by selling the most  tickets to a San Jose Giants baseball game. This would not have been possible without the generosity of Thom and Tracey, several of my clients and my fellow trainers  for buying tickets to the game – a big THANK YOU!!  Thom and Tracey graciously bought a ticket for every student in Keala’s class and her brother’s, my son, Tristan, kindergarten class. Because of everybody’s contributions, Keala and Tristan had a great time watching the game, eating ribs, and playing various games outside of the stadium.

As the number one seller, Keala received several memorable team-signature gifts: a jersey, bat and ball; and, most importantly, she threw out the first pitch of the game (kept that ball also). In short, the following pictures should speak for themselves:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a funny sidenote, because Keala had such a great time, she mentioned she would like to be the number one winner next year, however, her brother has a problem with that as he mentioned he wants to win. I will certainly let you know what is the outcome next year.:-)

Tune in next year for the update!

Thank you again to ALL!

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